Treadmill for Dogs

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Benefits of Treadmill Time

A treadmill for your dog might sound silly, but it has some really great benefits! Treadmill time: 

  • Gives your dog the ability to exercise regardless of weather conditions
  • Aids in training, conditioning, or rehabilitation 
  • Helps decrease boredom
  • Curbs destructive behavior that often results from boredom
  • Provides additional exercise that can improve movement and overall well-being 

Treadmills for Dogs

You could consider a dog treadmill, which is specifically designed for canines. Dog treadmills have pet-friendly features such as: 

  • A special belt that won’t catch your dog’s paws or nails.
  • Side rails that help keep your pooch from falling off
  • Protective casing to keep flying fur out of the motor (which can cause it to overheat)
  • Various sizes, making it easy to find that perfect fit
  • Quieter mechanisms 

With that said, dog treadmills can be very pricey and purchasing one might not be in the budget, especially if you already have a personal treadmill. They also take up a lot of space.

Do Dog Treadmills Differ From Human Treadmills?

The short answer is yes. However, we often recommend to our customers that they use their “people treadmills” for their dogs. As long as you take the proper precautions by putting the treadmill in a corner, next to a wall with the front of the treadmill against another wall. This creates barriers for your dog, leaving only one open side when using the treadmill with your dog. 

When teaching your pooch how to walk on the treadmill, it helps if one person sits in front of the treadmill, while another person holds the dog’s leash from the side. The person located in front of the treadmill should encourage the dog, and even give small treats, so the pup can eat it while walking.