Hcg shot


HCG 1ml 


HCG 1ml 

(When bringing a female into heat)

HCG can safely be used to bring a female into heat. It is never suggested to bring them in before they are naturally mature or anytime before their 6 month cycle has passed. We only suggest use of this if your female is at breeding age and has past her regular cycle times. Females can come in to heat no sooner than every 6 months. Administering this shot to "Rush" your next big breeding will only harm your female and ensure you are not successful. 

(For split heat)

Many females will plateau around 2-4ng during progesterone testing, they will then start to fall or fluctuate down, and then back up before finally falling out of heat. This is known as a split heat. The HCG given before a 5ng and will ensure there will be an abundant amount of luteinizing hormone allowing the female to pass into ovulation. 

Once the female reaches past 5ng/ml, we suggest also using the ovulation shot to ensure she releases eggs and continues through her levels properly.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) has a potent luteinizing hormone (LH)-like effect in cattle that extends the life span of the corpus luteum (CL) and increases progesterone synthesis, induces ovulation throughout the estrous cycle,

1ml/50 lbs given once per day until female comes into heat

1ml=100 units


add 3 cc’s of sterile water to white powder then in ject

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