GS 441524 Pills

Gs-441524 Tablet Formula Supplement for feline infectious peritonitis(FIP & FIPV)
Application: Feline infectious peritonitis, loss of appetite, recurrent fever, jaundice, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, certain moist cat abdominal symptoms of pleural and ascites exudation, post-driving weakness, iris disease, and other certain dry Fatigue caused by cats.
Inhibitors: RNA viruses such as feline coronavirus cause feline infectious peritonitis.
Treatment mechanism: Focus on the Feline Infectious Peritonitis of cats, it can inhibit the gene replication of cat coronavirus and hinder the virus reproduction.
Usage and Dosage:
  • Non Critical Wet / Dry - 1 tablet per kg every 24 hours
  • Ocular / Neurological FIP - 2 tablets per kg every 24 hours
Veterinarian's suggestions:
  • For ocular and central nervous system diseases caused by FIP, it is necessary to increase the dose to improve the penetration of blood eye / blood-brain barrier, in order to achieve effective treatment effect.
  • Feed it in as a whole within an empty stomach, it'll create the best internal environment to absorb the medicine.  
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