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Cannie Dog Vet Animal Insemination TCI Gun Pregnent Breeder Medical Supplies


• Smart Semen Placement with Crystal-Clear Display: Eliminate guesswork with our Al probe, ensuring precise semen placement for optimal breeding success.

The 3.25" display with 6 bright LEDs provides a clear view of the insemination process, enhancing accuracy and confidence.

• USA-Based Operations: Ships directly from the USA, ensuring prompt delivery and reliable service.

The use of a TCI (Transcervical Insemination) gun-type visible insemination endoscope for canine breeding offers several advantages:

1. **Non-Surgical Procedure**: TCI is less invasive than surgical insemination, reducing risks associated with anesthesia and surgery.

2. **Real-Time Visualization**: The endoscope provides a live visual aid, allowing for precise deposition of semen directly into the uterus, which can improve insemination success rates.

3. **Enhanced Success Rates**: The ability to bypass the cervix and place semen directly into the uterus can increase the likelihood of successful fertilization, especially in cases where there might be physical barriers or abnormalities.

4. **Reduced Infection Risk**: Since the procedure is less invasive, there's a lower risk of introducing infections into the reproductive tract compared to some other methods.

5. **Utilization of Frozen Semen**: TCI is often used with frozen semen, which allows for the use of genetic material from males that are not in the immediate vicinity or are no longer alive.

6. **Time-Efficient**: This method can save time for breeders, as it does not require the synchronization of estrus in the female to the availability of the male.

7. **Animal Welfare**: Because it is less stressful and less painful than surgical alternatives, TCI is considered to be a more welfare-friendly option for breeding.

8. **Cost-Effective**: Over time, the use of TCI can be more cost-effective due to the reduced need for anesthesia, surgery, and potential complications that can arise from more invasive procedures.

9. **Expertise Development**: Breeders and veterinarians can develop considerable expertise in reproductive technology, improving overall outcomes for their breeding programs.

10. **Selective Breeding**: With TCI, breeders have more control over the breeding process, allowing for more selective breeding practices and preservation of genetic lines.

These advantages make TCI a valuable tool for professional breeders and veterinarians involved in canine reproduction.