Bully Nose Balm


 Research has show that Bully breeds have a slightly depressed immune system which results in the drier nose predisposition. It is systemic, which means it cannot be CURED, but we can HEAL the actual dry nose with Bully Nose Balm. This is why you will need to use Bully Nose Balm for maintenance. 

As you know, Bully Breeds have  a predisposition toward having a rough, dry, or crusty nose. Your Bully nose may have just a bit of dryness or it may be covered in layers of crusty, barnacle-looking shape to it. This extreme dryness may be a condition called Nasal Hyperkeratosis, a condition of unknown origins. The Good News is BullyNoseBalm® will have your bullies nose back in shape in days!

If you own a Bully Breeds, then you probably know that taking care of his nose should become one of the essential care routines.  That's why we want to introduce you to the best nose and paw balms for Bully Breds. They'll provide your pet's nose with important nutrients and will keep them safe from painful cracking. 












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