Testing Male Dog Sperm Count

Testing Male Dog Sperm Count

What can a sperm analysis show?


A dog sperm test can be utilised in a variety of manners. One possible outcome is to check your dog’s general health, as the quality of his swimmers can offer a general guide. For example, a sample of semen containing sperm that lacks motility could indicate that your male is deficient in the necessary nutrients and vitamins. It is a well-known fact that traditional, lower-end dog biscuits do not offer the same benefit as raw food and may lead to spermatozoa dysmorphia.





Before listing your male as a stud dog, it would be advantageous to test his semen. If there is good sperm present, you can advocate using the stud dog even if it is not proven. In our clinic, we use a state-of-the-art microscope, which allows you to view the sperm on a small screen, without the need for additional eyepieces (found on traditional microscopes). Next, a hemocytometer is used to gain a count of sperm (per million). We combine our 30+ years of experience with specialised equipment to produce reliable and replicable results.


What If My Male Is Unhealthy?

An unhealthy male canine can manifest their needs in a myriad of ways. A change of appetite, gaining or losing weight – there are simply too many to list. However, an often ignored and less obvious indicator is the condition of the semen. In the dog sperm test, you may notice less motile sperm, universal dysmorphia, and an overall low count are typical of an injurious dog.

On the contrary, in a female, where needs are not met, it is often displayed through a phantom pregnancy; if a bitch is stressed during gestation, general reabsorption of the puppies can occur.

We do offer unique sperm testing at our clinic, starting from just $50 .  If this is something you are interested in, please contact us to arrange to book you in. Dogssuppliesrus.com 

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