5 reasons why you should get a French Bulldog

5 reasons why you should get a French Bulldog

5 reasons why French Bulldogs are the perfect family dogs

Are you looking for a friendly, playful dog that’s awesome with your kids, doesn’t damage your garden, and is flexible enough to adjust to your lifestyle? Well, you are at the right place! French Bulldogs are just the kind of breed you need! We are going to share 5 reasons why Frenchies are the perfect family dogs.

1. Frenchies don’t take up much space

5 reasons why French Bulldogs are the perfect companion “

The first issue that most families are facing when considering getting a dog is their size. Having kids makes our home feel smaller, but having a large dog can make this feeling even worse. Frenchies are a small-sized breed, weighing 16 to 28 pounds. Your family home won’t feel cluttered by having this small angel even if you live in a studio or a smaller apartment. They can easily fit in your lap while you are watching Netflix, and they love to sleep in the bed, close to their beloved parents. As they have a small body with short hair, the shedding periods are not terrible either.


2. Frenchies are well-behaved


Frenchies, just like any other dog needs a certain amount of physical exercise, but much less than large breeds. Once they get their 3×15 minutes of walk and playtime, they are fine. This means that they are not going to start ripping your place apart out of boredom and Frenchies are less likely to start dredging up your award-winning backyard. We also have to mention that they don’t bark much either, therefore this breed is more than ideal if you are living in an apartment. 

3. Frenchies are great with the Frenchies are the perfect companion to your children: they are playful, they are kind, and they are gentle. Due to their small size, they are not too strong for a younger kid. Yet, owning a Frenchie teaches responsibility to any kid. Walking him, feeding him, and  teaching him provides great lessons to the next generation. Do you already have another pet in your family? Don’t worry for a bit! Frenchies are open and friendly with other pets. They get along well with cats and other dogs.

4. Frenchies can adapt to your lifestyle

Is your family in constant motion? Do you travel aboard plenty? Or are you the staying home and chill type of person? When it comes to a Frenchie, it really doesn’t matter. They quickly adapt to your lifestyle, and become your shadow! If you raise your puppy by taking him everywhere you go, he will quickly learn how to travel in a car. how to let you know if he has to pee or poo, and how to signal you if he is tired and needs some peace and quiet. If you are the opposite of this, and you like to stay in and have a cup of warm chocolate, that’s fine too. They do not feel the eagerness to go out and discover the world like hunting dogs.

5. Frenchies are affectionate and loveable




We cannot repeat it enough. Frenchies are the BEST! They are truly affectionate, and form a strong bond with their owners. They love to be around you, and they consider themselves your best friend. Frenchies are full family members, who will bring extra joy and love to your lives.

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